: November 2008

My non election themed blog of the day

My buddy Ray posted this blog yesterday...I felt it necessary to spread the word...

I'm more than a little burned out by all the election hooplah, so I'm posting a post election blog a day early.  Really, I have some musings on honor and country that I want to share, and hope they help some folks reorient after this particularly nasty political race.  Let me first state my position:  I have voted third party in the past two elections, and this election was no different.  I'm not supporting either candidate, as I believe either will do the best job they are able.

First off, if you win the election you are my president.  Period.  Mr. Bush, while I did not vote for him nor agree with him, is my president now and I make it a point to show him the honor and respect he is due.  My honor and patriotism requires that I do so.  That will not change.

Second, the economy will not be "fixed" by our next president.  It cannot be fixed as it is in the process of fixing itself.  That's the funny thing about economies.  They follow their own rules, and those rules are not concrete or set in stone regardless of what economists and politicians will tell you.  However, I do believe that our economy may reset itself and go back to good fundamental values, like the ones I was taught growing up.  Work hard, save your money, cook your own meals and buy your food from local farmers.  I've never gone wrong doing any of those things, and the more I do them the more right things become.

Third, hope is not contingent upon a candidate, and inspiration doesn't come from a speech.  I have new hope every day, and I am inspired by my son and my wife to do my best.  I know it is easier to accept someone else's vision, but try to have your own.  I am constantly amazed by what people can accomplish both for good and evil.  And when I see the evil, I think "How was he hurt so bad that this is all he could do?"  So, try to give one person hope and inspire them to do great things.  Start with yourself.

Finally, problems are opportunities.  If you can help someone truly resolve something, like a budget, a relationship, or finding a home, then you are successful.  It is still up to them to follow through, but you have done your part.  So get out there and do your part, and get excited about your opportunities!


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My non election themed blog of the day
My buddy Ray posted this blog yesterday… I felt it necessary to spread the word… I'm more than a little burned out by all the election hooplah, so I'm posting a post election blog a day early. Really, I have some musings on honor and country… more
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